We know how to convert your data to meaningful information.

Our areas of expertize

Life Sciences

We analyze biological big data including high throughput genomic, proteomic and metabolomic data.
We provide biostatistics support including experimental design and statistical analysis of clinical trials.

Business Analytics

We support data driven business decisions using data science.
Proper understanding of your data can provide insights on areas such sales predictions, customer satisfaction and risk management.

Analytics for Sustainability

We apply data analytics to support sustainability decisions including healthcare and green transportation .
We design technologies for behavioural change based on personal big data.

Custom Software

We develop high quality software including mobile and web applications.
We create usable applications with advanced visualizations based on state of art technologies and cloud infrastructures.

Our Products: HybridStat software transforms data into valuable insights

Clingon: Clinical Genomics Decision Support

Clingon: Clinical Genomics Decision Support

A platform for Exome Sequencing tailored for small and medium sized labs.
Unlocks the power of clinical genomics for disease diagnostics.

HybridSuite: RNA-Seq

HybridSuite: RNA-Seq

RNA-Sequencing analytics solution that integrates state of the art processing workflows and data visualization.
Tailored for biologists and research organizations.

SeqCVIBE: RNA Seq analytics

SeqCVIBE: RNA Seq analytics

Our RNA-Sequencing data browser.
Tailored for research organizations and biologists in need of effective visualization for experimental analyses.

PolicyOracle: The power of Collective Intelligence

PolicyOracle: The power of Collective Intelligence

A versatile Information Market for collective predictions.
Using the power of markets you gain knowledge on the outcome of future events.

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