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[h1]Industrial collaborations[/h1]

Industrial‚Ē¨√°HybridStat’s collaborators include

  • Patterns and Predictions: The intelligent way of predicting future trends and events is with Patterns and Predictions software. In a nutshell, Patterns and Predictions offers individual researchers a highly sophisticated and proven data-mining tool that provides a window on the unforeseeable. Using freeware and relatively low-cost professional distribution, Patterns and Predictions gives end users unprecedented access to the leading edge of predictive analytics. Patterns and Predictions software is based on a simple truth: history often repeats itself. Or, in slightly more statistical terms, the chance percentage of any future event is based upon the occurrence pattern of previous events. What does that mean in practice? There are several examples that show the value of predictive analytics. For example, in banking, it means the generation of accurate credit scores. In financial markets, the savvy prediction of stocks, bonds, future prices and the likely performance of hedge funds. In the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, it is genetic expression profiles and disease health risk. In the world of horse-racing and sporting events, well, those that win. If you are interested to know more about Patterns and Predictions, contact us to request an appointment and we will get in touch with you to discuss your needs as soon as possible.
  • Squares on Blue: HybridStat has recently initiated a collaboration with Squares on Blue, in a common venture to exploit big data analytics technologies and methodologies, applied to several domains, ranging from biomedical to telecommunication and transportation data. These goals will be achieved through joint careful work planning, feasibility studies and solution implementation in close contact with the customers.