HybridStat is a young micro-SME located in Athens, Greece, bringing together a team of three highly qualified and motivated young scientists, whose expertise spans a variety of statistics and computer science domains. The company was established in 2014 as a General Partnership under the Greek law.

Our mission is to support life-scientists to answer medical or biological questions requiring bioinformatics and biostatistical analyses.

The main offerings of HybridStat are centered on biostatistics, bioinformatics and analytics of high-throughput biological data derived from technologies such as Next Generation Sequencing, DNA/miRNA/protein microarrays and mass spectrometry. Currently, we offer consulting and analytics services as well as custom database and software design to life scientists. In addition, we have developed Geniasis, our cloud-based, next generation bioinformatics medical decision support system. Geniasis offers simplified, affordable and high-quality analysis of high-throughput genomics data with focus on the clinical interpretation of the results.

Our vision is to become a global leader in cloud-based bioinformatics tools for high-throughput genomics data analytics. Our motto is bioinformatics made simple and we aim our Geniasis solution to offer life-scientists and clinicians a self-service analytics platform that will simplify, accelerate and optimize the process of analyzing and comprehending clinical genomics data.