SeqCVIBE is a Shiny web application for the interactive data exploration, analysis, visualization
and genome browsing of Big RNA-Seq datasets. SeqCVIBE is powered by a lite version of the metaseqR Bioconductor package for gene expression analysis and by JBrowse for genome browsing. In addition, it deploys the powerful reactive environment of Shiny to offer a real-time interactive interface. SeqCVIBE allows for several on-the- fly visualizations and calculations, such as averaging genomic tracks over specific regions and calculating RNA abundance in custom possibly non-annotated regions (e.g. novel long non-coding RNAs). In addition, SeqCVIBE is at the same time a database for pre- analysed data where the user can navigate and explore the results as well as perform basic analyses on-the- fly in various ways.