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[h1]Biostatistics services[/h1]

Biostatistics is the science of applying statistical theory and principles to research in medicine, biology, pharmaceuticals, environmental science, public health and health risks, epidimiology, and other related fields. Biostatistics is nowadays an integral part of medical and public health research by assisting in the design of research studies, data analysis from those studies and developing new statistical methods useful in collaborative research.

HybridStat offers services and consulting for medical doctors and scientists in the following fields:

  • Experimental design planning.
    • Aid in understanding the nature of the data and in using proper descriptive statistics
    • Multifactorial complex designs to make the most out of clinical data
  • Survival analysis
    • Parameter fitting and hazard analysis
    • Treatment of censored data
    • Derivation of Kaplan-Meier estimators
  • Statistical analysis of clinical trials
    • Analysis of simple or multiplexed control-case studies
    • Multivariate analysis of multiple treatment and multiple factor designs
    • Factorial analysis
  • Analysis of epidemiological studies
    • Analysis for cohort studies
    • Survival analysis and proportional hazards regression
    • Logistic regression
    • Data clustering
  • Biostatistical software development
    • Customized and reusable software development for specific needs
    • Biostatistical and clinical data management
  • Publication support
    • Technical report writing
    • Guidance through the methodology used for a prospective publication