Social sciences

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[h2]Statistics services in social sciences[/h2]

The use of statistics in social sciences has been mandatory for many decades now. From the simplest questionnaire to most complex collaborative research, combining different populations and seeking population trends, HybridStat can help you towards the success of your project. Specifically, HybridStat can offer assistance to the following areas regarding social science statistical research:

[h3]Questionnaire design[/h3]

  • Discussion of the nature of the questions to be addressed (e.g. yes/no, scaled or free text expected answers)
  • Discussion about the design of the questions so that proper statistical methods can be used
  • Optimal design of the questionnaire so that the downstream analysis can yield useful outcomes

[h3]Questionnaire analysis[/h3]

  • Data description and reporting (basic statistics)
  • Data mining (clustering, classification, sophisticated feature selection and dimensionality reduction)
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Factorial analysis
  • Statistical data modeling and prediction