Welcome to HybridStat’s bioinformatics blog. This blog is maintained by Panagiotis Moulos┬áand it is our attempt to share advice and pieces of code for everyday computational work, which is something that many others have done so wonderfullty before us.

According to┬áWikipedia, bioinformatics is “…an interdisciplinary field that develops and improves upon methods for storing, retrieving, organizing and analyzing biological data…” and main activities include “…to develop software tools to generate useful biological knowledge..”. For us, Bioinformatics has been and remains an inspiring motivation to apply what we have learned in our first scientific disciplines (Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science) to something more “real” than all the theoretical and background knowledge we got during our studies. The interaction with biologists for some years now ┬áhas given us a lot of extra knowledge and the opportunity to apply our expertise to a quickly expanding and challenging field.

Keep posted, and you will definitely find something useful in this blog, something that will make you think that these guys have helped me a bit to my work by adding a very small stone to the pileup.