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[h1]HybridStat’s collaborations[/h1]

It is widely accepted and more than obvious that the key to any successful story nowadays is a set of fruitful and creative collaborations. Current projects in almost every important domain, either science or business and industry present characteristics of multidisciplinarity. One great example is modern biology: after the sequencing of human genome, even more advanced pioneering and high-throughput techniques have emerged. As a result, the amount of data on biologist’s disposal grows exponentially every day. Thus, the need of computer scientists and statisticians has become imperative and necessary for any new discovery in modern biology, either considering new drugs or understanding basic mechanisms of biological action. Another example regards social sciences: with the huge development of modern communication means, social scientists have tons of worldwide behavioral data at their disposal. Trained statisticians are needed to help them find trends and hidden truths that may help improve social states.
HybridStat scientific team has past as well as current and constant collaborations with several scientific, industrial and governmental institutions and corporations in Greece and worldwide. These collaborations have always been beneficial for both parts and have given to the HybridStat personnel great opportunities for learning and self-improvement.