Custom database and software design

Bioinformatics software plays an important role in modern biology. Although there currently exist several packages either open-source or commercial that perform a variety of bioinformatics analytics tasks, focused on various levels of data analysis, bioinformatics software has a quite peculiar particularity: due to the nature of biological questions (directly related to research, thus constantly dynamic), there are no golden rules regarding the use of particular software packages for the accomplishment of various bioinformatics tasks. Thus, the realm of bioinformatics software is constantly expanding and so the variety of algorithms that perform generally similar tasks but with little adjustments, particular to the questions to be answered and the biological systems under investigation. The result of this procedure is that bench biologists and bioinformaticians are lost among the provided options, being distracted from the actual scientific work, struggling with endless software parameters to accomplish simple tasks. HybridStat helps remedying these situations by:

  • Designing and implementing analytic workflows and customized software, adjusted to the customer’s needs, after careful discussion and planning
  • Design and implementation of small to medium-scale biological oriented databases, tailored to the client’s needs
  • Organization, storage and management of high-throughput experiments at local level by designing an experiment specific and data-driven dedicated database with customized and easy to use search tools