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[h1]Academic collaborations[/h1]

Academic HybridStat’s collaborators include

  • National Hellenic Research Foundation: The members of HybridStat have been involved in several Bioinformatics projects developed and maintained by the NHRF, including the development of specialized microarray analysis and meta-analysis software, the analysis of several microarray datasets and the custom needs in the analysis of next generation sequencing data. In addition, HybridStat members have been involved in the development of a paraller computational pipeline for genomics data.
  • BSRC Alexander Fleming: The members of HybridStat have been involved and maintain current collaboration with BSRC Alexander Fleming regarding the analysis of next generation sequencing data and consultancy for scientific custom needs.
  • Inserm: HybridStat maintains a constant collaboration with Inserm, Toulouse, regarding the analysis of mass spectrometry metabolomics data. Specifically, members have contributed and continue to contribute in the development of novel statistical pipelines for data preprocessing, normalization and statistical analysis for mass spectrometry data, towards the selection of rational metabolic biomarkers characterizing renal diseases.
  • BRFAA: HybridStat has recently developed a collaboration with the Biological Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens, one of the most prestigious research organizations in Greece. The collaboration involves the analysis of high-throughput genomics data at various levels. At a first level, HybridStat is involved in the relaible analysis of next generation sequencing genomics data (RNA-Seq) related to renal disease. At a second level, HybridStat investigates associations of the RNA-Seq data with biomoloecular pathways, functional elements (e.g. Gene Ontology functions) and regulatory elements orchestrating the co-expression of gene clusters.