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[h1]Governmental collaborations[/h1]

Governmental┬áHybridStat’s collaborators include

  • General Secretariat for Research and Development: HybridStat members collaborated with GSRT regarding the statistical analysis of the WBC-INCO.NET Benchmarking of National Contact Point (NCP) System in the Western Balkan Countries. The analysis┬áwas based in a specifically designed questionnaire which was addressed to several individuals emanating from several sources of Western Balkan countries, mostly sources related to research and development.┬áThe analysis resulted in several useful comments and suggestions regarding the general evaluation of NCP Services and their improvement. The report of HybridStat members received very good comments and impressed the rest of the partners in terms of accuracy, methodology, presentation and quality.
    WBC-INCO.NET project emphasized on the building of capacities and the facilitation of networking opportunities for researchers in order to improve absorption quantities and qualities and to enhance a better international recognition of existing WBC potentials. The questionnaire was designed in the framework of the WBC-INCO.NET project, as one of its tasks was the benchmarking of the services of the NCP System: a comparative benchmarking exercise based on a web-based questionnaire, addressed to the clients of each NCP-system in order to collect feedback on the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided by the respective WBC-NCPs. The whole procedure aimed at the assessment and further development of the capacities of the National Contact Point System in the WBCs, along European standards.